Read Aloud TATTLER #2 (Enemy Pie)

Text and Text Talk for raising Lifelong Engaged Readers

My upcoming TATTLERs will highlight the books that I selected as my top 10 high-quality narrative picture books in a previous post. Check out that post if you want to get your hands on those books in advance! And please click here for brief instructions for using each of the TATTLER components. Starting with the fabulous book Enemy Pie

Note: Hover over the Here is a list of the most challenging words in this book. Click here for simple ways to uncover word meanings with your child.s below with your cursor for specific details and instructions for use. The i’s only work with a cursor (not iphone or ipad).

Enemy Pie (by Derek Munson)

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Listening Level: Grade K – 5

Text Type: Picture book; fiction; narrative 

Synopsis: When Jeremy Ross moves into the neighborhood and becomes the “one and only person” on a young boy’s enemy list, the boy’s father says that he has a secret recipe for getting rid of enemies — Enemy Pie. But, the pie will only work if the boy spends an entire day with the enemy. Although the plan sounds horrible, the boy gives it a try…and he learns a lesson about getting rid of enemies and making friends. This is one of my favorite stories ever, with vivid and expressive illustrations and an important message about building friendships by getting to know people.

Standout Text Features: 
– High-quality narrative text that contains the key story elements (e.g., characters, setting,  character goal, problem, resolution) *
– Character thoughts and emotions play a significant role in the story (another aspect of high-quality narrative)*
– The story conveys messages/themes that give kids something important to think about, which promotes deep thinking.  The messages are ones that kids can relate to,  which usually results in richer and more meaningful discussions *

Challenge Words: 
enemy: a person who hates or wants to harm another.
squinted: partly closed his eyelids, in an effort to see the faded writing.
– panicked: suddenly became very fearful.
poisonous: a substance that can cause illness or even death if swallowed or breathed.
relieved: feeling less worry, fear, or stress.


Target Comprehension Strategies/Skills
1. Inferring character emotions and thoughts 
2. Predicting 
3. Identifying moral/message 

Before Reading Aloud 
– The word “enemy” is very important in this story. What does this word mean to you? If someone is not your friend, does that make him/her an enemy, or a stranger? Do you have any enemies in your life? (vocabulary development/word analysis)
– The title of this book is Enemy Pie. Based on the cover, what do you think will happen in this story? (Predicting)

While Reading Aloud  
– (Pg.6, “Dad understood stuff…”)  When the boy’s dad held up the recipe for “Enemy Pie”, what do you think the boy was thinking? Why was he thinking that? (Inferring character thoughts)
– (Pg.11, “I went in to ask Dad…”)  How do you think “Enemy Pie” works? How do you think it will get rid of the boy’s enemy? (Predicting)
– (Pg.14, “He talked quietly.”)  How do you think the boy felt to have to spend the entire day with his enemy? Why? How would you feel if you had to spend a whole day with someone that you don’t get along with?  (Inferring character emotions)
– (Pg.14, “He talked quietly.”) Do you think the boy will actually spend an entire day with Jeremy? What do you predict will happen when they spend the day together? (Predicting)
– (Pg.15, “When Jeremy opened…”) Why was Jeremy confused when the boy asked him to play? What do you think he was thinking to himself? (Inferring character thoughts)
– (Pg.25, “Dad made us macaroni…”) Do you think Jeremy will eat the pie? What do you think will happen if he does eat it? (Predicting)
– (Pg. 27, “Dad dished up…”) Jeremy is about to eat the pie…how is the boy feeling now? Why is he feeling that way? (Inferring character emotions)

After Reading Aloud 
– How is the boy feeing at the end of the story? Why is he feeling that way? (Inferring character emotions)
– Earlier in the story, you predicted that __________. Did your prediction come true? Why/why not? (Evaluating prediction)
– If there were more pages, what do you think would happen next? (Predicting)
– What did the boy learn from spending the day with his “number one enemy”? In your own life, can you think of a time when it was important for you to remember the same message that the boy learned?  (Identifying message)

“Conversation Starters” 
1. “Enemy Pie” seemed to work, turning the boy’s “enemy” into his friend. What are Dad’s secret ingredients for “enemy pie”? Do you think Dad’s solution was a good one? Do you have a better solution?
2. Do you think it’s possible to make “Bully pie”? Or “Bossy pie”? or “Snob Pie”? What would the recipe be for any of these? What would the secret ingredient be?
3. What do you think of the title of this book, Enemy Pie? Can you think of an even better title for this story? What would it be? Why did you pick that?
4. Why don’t you think the author tells us the boy’s name in the story?


My 1st grader’s Character Feelings Chart

Bonus TATTLER Tips 
– Encourage more thinking with a written response! Fold a piece of paper into three columns, and prompt your child to dictate, write, and/or draw how the boy from the story was feeling at the beginning, middle, and end of the book. (aka “Character Feelings Chart”)

– Encourage your child to write his/her own recipe for turning an “enemy” (or any child with whom he/she has had some difficulty) into a friend. (This is fun to do on an actual recipe card!) Would the recipe be to make a pie, or to make something else? What would the secret ingredients be? Then, help your child test out the recipe by actually trying it! Does that mean inviting the other child over? What happened? Did your child’s solution work? Was it as effective as the dad’s in Enemy Pie?

– For fun: Click here to hear Enemy Pie read aloud by actress Camryn Manheim from The Office. Click on “All stories-Index” to access.

The next TATTLER text pick will be: The Teddy Bear (by David McPhail)

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2 Responses to Read Aloud TATTLER #2 (Enemy Pie)

  1. derekmunson says:

    This is awesome! I’m glad you liked the book, and love what you’ve done here. Good stuff.
    Keep up the great work!

    Derek Munson
    (Aka Enemy Pie guy)

    • aliposner says:

      Derek Munson! Thank you for your comment, that is SOOOOO cool! And thank you for enriching ours and so many others’ lives with your wonderful story. It is definitely a favorite that will be around our house forever. We can’t wait for Bad Dad!

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