Raising Summer Readers Tip-a-Day #6: Take your kids on a “summer is here” new book-getting mission!

Parents know they should be taking their kids to the library and/or bookstore over the summer. This tip is a plea to go while it is still the beginning of summer with the specific mission of stocking up on new books for their summer reading. Make a big deal out of this initial book-buying outing. Plan for it. Talk about its importance. Make it the only thing you leave the house for. Let kids choose their books to kick off their summer (even if you don’t view them as “high quality”), and make sure they are excited enough about their choices to put them in their “next reads” pile (See tip#3). This is also a great chance to break in those book bags the kids made! Together, this shows your kids that you’re serious about this summer reading thing.  And, back to the all-powerful ‘lead by example’, show your kids that you are getting books for yourself too — that summer reading is not just for kids so adults need new summer reads as well.

IMG_2557In Our Family… We just went on our summer “book-getting mission”, a week after school got out. I told the kids I would purchase three new books for each of them (and for myself!) at the bookstore, and then at the public library I charged them with the mission to “fill up their summer book bags”. They got such a kick out of the challenge to fill the bag that they were totally engaged in finding books until their bags were on the verge of exploding. 

Have you gone on your summer “book-getting mission” yet? If not, don’t let too much time pass…

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