Raising Summer Readers Tip #34: Make fun bookmarks with your kids for a simple summer craft that ties in books and reading!

Mini Bookmarks with Perler beads

Mini Bookmarks with Perler beads

Duct tape bookmarks

We’ve always enjoyed making bookmarks — they make for easy crafts that the kids actually put to use! Most of the kids’ bookmark making has involved decorating blank bookmarks (click here to purchase), and they have also enjoyed making duct tape bookmarks with patterned duct tape and ribbon. I just came across a great idea for making “mini bookmarks” with paper clips and Perler beads.  Check out this website for details and instructions. I can imagine my daughter getting into this and wanting to make a bunch of these. They’d also make for fun birthday present toppers, especially if the present is a chapter book!

As a side note, since I mentioned blank bookmarks…  We also use blank bookmarks as “thinking bookmarks”, which the kids use in order to:

  • Record new/unknown words encountered while reading, and their page numbers
  • Mark confusing parts of the text that they may want to return to
  • Write down favorite parts of the book, interesting facts, or quotes they want to remember
  • Note predictions (“I predict that…”), questions (“I wonder whether…”), text connections (“this part reminds me of…”), and other thinking that seems important and worth remembering/sharing
Blank bookmarks -- for decorating and for encouraging thinking!

Blank bookmarks — for decorating and for encouraging thinking!

We keep a supply of these readily accessible where kids tend to read, so that they can grab one when it’s needed. When used in this way, blank bookmarks encourage readers to slow down, pause and think. At times my kids have been excited to share their thoughts on their bookmark, so they have helped to facilitate some conversation as well!!

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