Raising Summer Readers Tip#37: When in transit to your destination this summer, establish some no technology time…


Our 5 kiddos waiting for the plane to board…we’re more likely to catch our kids “reading in the wild” if technology is limited at “edge” (transitional) times!

… and you just might find your kiddos reading without reminders or pleas!

Getting kids to choose reading during the summer can be a challenge when there are so many competing options. If summer reading has been a difficult sell, take advantage of the captive audience that being in transit from one destination to the next offers. If you can limit technology during these times for at least a part of it, kids might decide that reading is a not-so-bad way to occupy themselves! This also holds for other “edge” times when kids are in transition between activities — such as while waiting in line at the bank or in a doctor’s waiting room. Stop letting your kids expect that you’ll hand them that handheld device all the time, and nudge them to actually come to view edge times as an opportunity to read!

As parents, I think we all struggle to some extent with the amount of screen time to allow our kids. The problem is not in the technology itself, but in the other valuable experiences that screen time often limits or even prevents. Unfortunately, reading tops the list, and technology is one of the key culprits underlying our increasingly growing nation of “schooltime-only” readers.

Remember, reading can only be the activity of choice if kids have easy access to books during these transitional times. Often, that requires some forethought on the part of the parents…if they don’t tend to do it on their own, be sure to grab their book when such times might be available to them! Also, reading is contagious. As did in this photo, sometimes it only takes one kid choosing to read to end up with it rippling to the whole group !

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