Raising Summer Readers Tip#38: Parents of boys, pay special attention to your boys’ reading this summer, and provide additional support as necessary

IMG_5803Data show that by 4th grade, boys are a couple of years behind girls in both their reading and their writing skills. One significant factor contributing to the boy/girl achievement gap in reading is that boys tend to (a) read less over the summer and (b) experience greater summer learning loss. In some subsequent posts, I will provide some of my own ideas that specifically target boys. For starters, check out this important article by literacy expert Trevor Cairney — Getting Boys Excited about Reading (http://trevorcairney.blogspot.mx/2014/07/getting-boys-excited-about-reading.html). It is not specific to summer reading, yet I think it has particular relevance for summer, when boys are out of school and are less likely to read. There’s also a great list of literature for boys at the bottom, as well as some good reference books that target boys and reading. Check it out if you have a boy who isn’t reading much this summer!

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