Raising Summer Readers Tips #46 and #47: Before summer ends, visit a library, museum, park, or fair that specifically celebrates reading and children’s books

Tip #46: Take a final (or possibly a first) trip to the library before summer ends! 


Entrance to the children’s area at the Brentwood Library in Tennessee

If you haven’t gone to the library yet, don’t let your kids go all summer without at least one visit! Encourage your kids to check out a stack of books for end of summer reading, and challenge them to get through the stack before they return to school. You might also check out a new library that your kids haven’t been to before — perhaps even search with them online for a local library that looks particularly great for kids (i.e., it has an appealing children’s room or is hosting a fun end-of-summer event such as a puppet show or a book carnival). Take a look at Livability.com’s list of the top 10 libraries for children to see if you’ll be near any of these neat libraries this summer!

Tip #47: Take a family excursion that celebrates children’s literature and reading. 

Bookworm Gardens!

Bookworm Gardens!

A One place that I’ve been wanting to visit with my kids for a long time is Bookworm Gardens, which is a free thematic garden/park that is totally dedicated to children’s literature! Over 60 different books are represented thematically throughout the gardens, with a goal to connect kids to the natural environment, promote environmental science, and celebrate reading and children’s books. If you happen to be near Milwaukee this summer, it looks like it’s worth a trip! Here are some additional kidlit excursions that you might take in the last days of summer:


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