Raising Summer Readers Tip #26: Try to connect reading to your kids’ summer activities

images-2Motivate and enrich summer reading by helping your kids find books that relate to their experiences (e.g., backyard activities such as gardening or nature searches, places traveling to, sports, collecting shells or building sand castles at the beach, camp activities, crafts and cooking). You might even visit the library and search the nonfiction section for “how-to” books that describe step-based activities that interest them, such as books of science experiments, magic tricks, or crafts. They can read the book, then try it for themselves! Or, visit places that reinforce the books or magazines that your kids already read. Talk about how your experience compared to events or information in the book. Along these lines, find books that have been made into movies. Read the book, see the movie, and then discuss differences between the two! (See Tip #15 for details on pairing books with movies, as well as a list of children’s books that have been made into movies). 

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